About our work

Since its beginnings in 1997, at AYUVI we have been devoted to fundraise in order to provide treatment at no cost for patients who develop pediatric cancer in Guatemala, giving them the opportunity to fight with dignity against this disease. 

Our first major achievement was the establishment of the National Pediatric Oncology Unit-UNOP-, a hospital that has become a leading hospital for the treatment of this disease, since it continues to be the only specialized hospital in the treatment of pediatric cancer, with a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach in the country. 

In addition to providing medical treatment, we fuse several elements in a comprehensive way which allows us to have a multidisciplinary team of professionals: psychologists, nutritionists, social work specialists, to name a few. 

Currently, on a daily basis we attend around 120 patients at the Outpatient Area, some arrive for their treatment, others for their regular check-up, and others to be diagnosed and to be attended. 

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