In AYUVI we have friends who accompany us throughout the year organizing unique, innovative, inclusive and sensitizing events. Events that allow us to announce that pediatric cancer can be cured if it is diagnosed in time and the appropriate treatment is received.

The accumulation of these activities has the sole purpose of raising funds that allow the continuity, growth, maintenance and operation of the hospital. Thanks to the wonderful work of the organizers, we currently have sports, family and social events. We have an event for anyone who wants to join the fight facing children with cancer.

Active people full of love and dynamism form this wonderful group that organizes events for our brave little ones.

Among them are: Tecpán-Pana Crossing, Painting Smiles in Cascarones, Carrera Arco Iris Guatemala, Carrera Arco Iris Antigua and Festival Gourmet Navideño Voser.

For more information contact:

Luisa de Castillo | Phone: 2317-7800 ext. 122


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