How we do it?


Our work is possible thanks to joint efforts of the Public Health and Social Assistance Ministry, the private initiative through our benefactors: TIGO, Pepsi, Pollo Campero, and G&T Continental Bank and the thousands of Guatemalans who have believed, like us, that saving the lives of children with cancer is worth it. 

With great satisfaction we can say that we have assumed the challenge of obtaining the required funding for the optimal functioning of the hospital, which has become a leading institution at the regional level. It provides treatment at no cost for children who face this disease and our commitment is to work non-stop to make sure that the day comes when 100% of diagnosed patients in the country receive attention.  

As we advance our challenges also increase; the increasing demand for our services is our main challenge, since for every child we currently attend, there is another one-somewhere in the country- without access to our services. Currently, we attend 44% of Guatemalan children affected by cancer and on a monthly basis we welcome around 50 new diagnosed patients. 

We need to expand our service coverage, the survival rates of our patients has had extraordinary achievements. We want to take the hope of life to all children who face this disease, because we know that pediatric cancer is highly curable if detected and treated on time. 


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