Love Volunteers

Our volunteers are highly engaged and senstive persons, with high human quality. For us Volunteering has turned into a source of love that holds and support patients and their family on their daily fights.

The volunteering areas we manage are:

  • Spiritual volunteering
  • Voluntariado de juego en consulta externa
  • Voluntariado de juego hospitalario, vida infantil en encamamiento
  • Events volunteering
  • Professional volunteering
  • Special volunteering

To join us as volunteer it is important to have in mind some requirements:

  • Being legal age (aged 18).
  • To get engaged for at least 12 months.
  • Being responsible.
  • To attend to the induction talk.
  • To answer an admission test (psychology).
  • To fill out the registration form.
  • To sign a commitment letter.
  • To buy a vest that identifies the volunteer.
  • To attend to an area special training.
  • To give 1 recent picture for the card issuing wether digital or physicial.

For more information contact:

Sara Altalef |  Phone: 2328-9600  ext. 225 



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