A morning with children with cancer

Joy is the main ingredient for good health and you can share moments of hoy with our children at the Outpatient Area. A morning full with fun that makes them forget, for an instant, that they are in a hospital.

The activities at the Outpatient Area for approximately 140 students, take place during the morning in a schedule between 8:30 and 12:00 am, Monday through Friday. The volunteering groups must not exceed 10 people. 

The activity must comply with the following requisites:

  • People over 18 years of age. 
  • Coordinate and schedule the activity with anticipation. 
  • The access will be denied to sick people: respiratory and stomach discomforts, etc.
  • Recreational activities: For example: Crafts, clowns, puppets, amongst others.
  • It is not recommendable: play-dough, stuffed animals, painting faces, piñatas. 
  • Bring a donation according to our need catalog. All donations are supported with a donation receipt issued by AYUVI.
  • Activities should not be focused in religious themes, since we already have spiritual volunteers, who are in charge of providing this support to patients and their families. 
  • Present the written proposal of the activity, exactly specifying the actions to undertake, people who will be participating, schedule, date, amount donated, product to be donated, name and Nit of the person to whom the donation receipt will be endorsed to. 

If you are interested in cheering a morning for our children with cancer write us to:

rene.delarosa@ayuvi.org.gt / monica.demolina@ayuvi.org.gt

 or call:  +(502) 2328-9600 Ext. 275/213

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