Parents in Action

The main objective of Parents in Action is to sensitize and raise awareness of the parent, who becomes a spokesperson for the Project, thus making AYUVI known nationally. The parents of our patients, become fundamental allies for the realization of different activities that allow raising funds inside.

Together with the AYUVI team, the parent and volunteer committees carry out an arduous work that shows the fight against cancer in the different regions of the country. We carry out a variety of annual activities and special events for the benefit of family members and patients so that the treatment continues for free. These activities offer patients and their families the opportunity to be part of the project. They can be: Galas, Careers, Bingos, Patron Saint Festivities, Treats, Bands, Assemblies, throughout the interior of the Republic.


If you want to be part of the Parents in Action Committee, contact:

Jessie Lemus | Phone: 2317-7817 ext. 268


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