Support the “STOP the Pain” Program

The Challenge: 

Children with cancer receive hundreds of painful needle pricks during their treatment. For a young child, it is a constant source of stress and pain throughout their treatment, which can last up to three years. 

Sometimes children´s veins are too thin to be located, preventing them from receiving the medicine they desperately need. Catheters, flexible tubes connected to patient´s veins to efficiently administer medicines, are common in developed countries. However, in Guatemala they are scarce due to the elevated cost and expertise require to properly handle them. 

The Solution:

Our Catheter Program, aims to reduce needle pricking in children´s treatment. It enables a less painful care, allowing nurses to draw blood samples. Administer medicines and chemotherapies. Our nurses are trained on how to adequately place and clean catheters, thus ensuring the well-being of our patients. 

Did you know? 

At our hospital we use two types of catheters. The first kind, a Port-a-Cath, is placed under the skin of the patients and can be used up to 4 years. The second kind, a PICC- Line, is placed over the skin of a patient and is meant for temporary use at the hospital. 

You can transform their lives

Your support helps us provide catheters, under the supervision of professional and trained staff to children who need them. You can help “Stop the Pain” by giving them an opportunity to mitigate their physical and psychological suffering. Here are some examples of how your donation can transform a child´s life: 

  • $5 will provide 18 pairs of sterile gloves for procedures. 
  • $25 will provide 23 packs of sterile gauze pads. 
  • $120 will donate a PICC- Line for a patients
  • $265 will donate a Port-a Cath for a patient. 

For additional information on other initiatives or if you would like to make a donation, contact: 
Carlos Velásquez: 
Paulina Villela:

Phone: (+502) 2317-7800 ext.143 and 107

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